The Pro Bowl of Tunnel Diggers

Larger than the conspiracy of the Columbia Mall Shootings. larger than the Lizzy Borden Conspiracy. The ancient root of the 9/11 conspiracy is the Derby Tunnel Conspiracy of the Salem Common Improvement Fund. Salem has so many secrets to share with you.

Secret entrance to the underground train Station in Salem, Ma
Sealed entrance to underground train station

Imagine a series of tunnels extending over 3 miles connecting the sea to an underground train station. Think about a town that has influenced American’s habit of importing verses manufacturing. The town that created the grandfather of the  “Patriot Act”  in 1798. A town that was the richest seaport in the country. Home to the Rothschild’s agent in America and the man who left his property to the Skulls & Bones. A place with a museum connected to the tunnels for over 300 years.

The tunnels run from all the locations of the various wharfs on the North River, Salem Harbor, and the South River. They were extended in 1805 by Elias Hasket Derby Jr., the son of America’s first millionaire.  They connect warehouses, homes, stores, museums, and banks to an underground train station.  John Kinsman superintendent of the Eastern Railroad had his building connect 5 branches of the tunnels to his building so they may access his secret train station.  The Eastern Railroad entered a tunnel for 200 yards so  trains could be loaded unseen.

Joshua Ward House shows the 4 exterior chimneys needed for the tunesl to connect to the homes in Salem. For more info visit
A n example of a home connected with four chimneys

Why were these tunnels built? The Federalist in town, many having seats in Congress, lamented Adam’s presidential loss and rebelled against the tariffs Jefferson imposed on imports. So they put together the pro bowl of diggers. These mavericks hired the local militia that was suppose to be helping enforce the tariff to dig the tunnels and hide the dirt in various land reclamation  projects in town. The largest was the Salem Common Improvement Fund. 144 subscribers were called on by Derby to fund the project which included senators, congressmen, a superior court justice, and a secretary of the Navy. These gentlemen followed Derby’s advise to build two large brick mansions at fixed distances around the Common to hide the purchase of the bricks for the tunnel. The tunnel would enter the basements through the fireplace arches. The arches flu would also serve as a draw system up the chimneys for the tunnels. Beyond avoiding tariffs the tunnels served as a means for  a private entrance to the brothels, the Underground Railroad, shanghaiing, murder, and art theft.

The mavericks of the Crowninshields, Derbys, Peabodys, and Perkins families were all importers. These Federalist were in opposition of the Gentlemen Farmers of Jefferson’s party. Also they were strong opponents of the Embargo Act. The Embargo Act did stop commerce in between Europe and America, but it did spur the creation of the mill cities.  Throughout their generations they remained importers or transporters of goods. Elias Hasket Derby III would later own the Colonial Railroad. He was also the lawyer for the Eastern Railroad. In town was the largest mill in the country at the time. After labor unrest and higher wages the Naumkeag Steam Company moved down south. When those wages seemed to be too high also, they moved overseas. As did the majority of manufacturing in this country.

In 1798 Timothy Pickering wrote the Alien and Sedition Acts for John Adams. Pickering was a strong supporter of the mavericks of the Federalist and their strong affinity toward England. In response to outcries in various Democratic-Republican newspapers claiming the Federalist were appointing many Tories into office the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed. They arrested Benjamin Franklin Bache (Benjamin Franklin’s grandson) for printing such thoughts. He would die in jail.  Anthony Haswell had reprinted that accusation and was arrested as well. In their defense, many homes connected to the tunnels built by the Federalist sported white and black chimneys. This was a common sign of support for England the Tories used. White and black were the colors of the Federalists. A man who was from Dedham, David Brown, had suffered the harshest penalty and was tried in Pickering’s home town.  The Alien Acts were created to deport Irish and French immigrants that supported the Democratic-Republicans, but it protected the English immigrants. The acts were disguised as a means to provide national security. In 2001 George Bush would preside over the creation of the Patriot Act that was created as means to provide national security. In parts it allowed the illegal detention of immigrants without trial or defense and mass deportations. His presidency also abolished a ruling that any corporation could only own a limited amount of TV or radio stations in an area. This along with Fox News rise in the public eye created the same results that the Sedition Act created in 1798. The strange coincidences upon Bush’s election was the biography on John Adams.  The book was published to reintroduce Federalist policies to the America public. Also we can see the Bush administration support British Petroleum’s interests in Venezuela and the Middle East.

Elias Hasket Derby Portrait.
Elias Hasket Derby was America’s first millionaire.

Up to 1830 Salem was America’s richest seaport. It seen the country’s first millionaire, Elias Hasket Derby. Derby’s wealth was said to be equal to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates combined. It also had seen the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th millionaire. Their fortunes were made by privateers during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. They also created the East India Trade, opened up commerce with Indonesia, China, and Japan. Thomas Perkins was the first super cargo to sail into China on one of Derby’s ships. This was the first American ship to sail to China. Perkins was so successful with the Hongs in China it led to his illegal smuggling of opium during the Opium Wars. Much of this wealth was increased by the smuggling through the tunnels . Then the  murder of Joseph White will scare most of the wealth out of town in 1830. This mixed with the fact that Salem’s ports were too shallow for the new ships led to Salem’s decline.

Conspiracies, plenty can be found in Salem and their tunnels. Thomas Perkins introduced Yale to the connecting big business, drugs, and politicians. together. We still see this connection with George H.W. Bush and the war on drugs he began.  Other Yale graduates will fill in many positions in George W. Bush’s cabinet. Even the messianic John Kerry. The Walker family were friends of Thomas Perkins. Walker? George Herbert Walker Bush. George Walker Bush. The Bush family lives on Walker Point in Maine. After his death his property would be used to build the Skull & Bones crypt on.

London Banker George Peabody who founded J.P. Morgan & Chase.
London Banker George Peabody

Much like Perkins who founded Mass General Hospital and the Perkins Library for the Blind, George Peabody realized you can control more people through philanthropy.  More bread crumbs you use, the more pigeons you can control. George Peabody would be the founder of our modern banks J.P. Morgan & Chase, Morgan Grenfell, International Universal Bank, and Morgan Stanley. Peabody would come back from London to Salem to take over the East India Marine Society Museum and rename it the Peabody Academy of Science. Members of the East India Marine Society were also members of the Salem Marine Society in which Thomas Perkins left his property to. The Hawthorne Hotel stands on the lot with the Salem Marine Society clubhouse still on top of it. The museum could be the real life equivalent of the museum from the Librarian series. If you had tunnels connecting to your museum for 300 years, what would you smuggle in? Also Peabody was said to be the Rothschild’s agent in America. His house on the Commons was also connected to the tunnels. In this house he entertained Emerson, Worsdworth, and Longfellow.

East India Marine Hall Building
This was the first permanent building of the Peabody Academy of Science.

The Peabody Essex Museum was founded in 1992 with the merger with the Essex Institute (Essex Historical Society and Essex Natural History Museum) with the Peabody Academy of Science (Formerly the East India Marine Society).  The East India Marine Society Museum was founded by captains who brought back trinkets from Polynesia, India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa. The Essex Historical Society was founded by Edward Augustus Holyoke. Holyoke was a Tory who stayed in Salem to care for his patients. He founded the New England Medical Journal and Review. He was an early president of the Arts and Sciences. He was the first dean of Harvard Medical School. He founded the Salem Bank which was connected to the tunnels as well as the Essex Historical Society. In fact the bank, his Society, the East India Marine Society Museum, and the Mason Lodge were all in the same building which was attached to the tunnels in what was the Pickering Building. This building also quartered runaway salves who were using the tunnels as part of the Underground Railroad. Today the Downing Block stands in its place which is owned by the Peabody Essex Museum. The East India Marine Hall was the first permanent location of the Peabody Academy. It has 3 subbasements filled with treasures no one sees. They even store other people’s private collections down there. It is also connected. John Quincy Adams presided over their opening. He was one of three presidents who have walked in these tunnels. It is even rumored they have some of the Russian crown Jewels in their collection among many religious artifacts from around the world.

So the tunnels in Salem built by the pro bowl of diggers is full of conspiracy that shaped this nation’s dependance on imports, our close ties with England, the war on drugs, Yale’s control on our government, and the wealthy bypassing taxes. Who knows what you will dig up in Salem.

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