George Peabody and the Tunnels Under Salem, Ma

Picture of Georg Peabody who owned a house on the best Salem Walking Tour, the Salem Tunnel Tour.
George Peabody

In this house built for Salem Common Improvement Fund Subscriber Simon Forester lived the famous London banker George Peabody. The town of Peabody, Ma is named after him along with several museums and institutions throughout the world. George Russel Lowell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry Longfellow would sup with him before going through the tunnel from this house to the Lyceum to read one of their essays. George Peabody was the banker who started Junious Spencer Morgan and his son J.P. Morgan in the world of finance. Plus he was to be the Rothschild’s first American agent for the British Empire within the American power structure.

George Peabody bribed the English Prime Minister a million pounds to stop them from building any further warship for the Confederate South. Also he had large cotton interest in Maryland which he was selling in Europe to raise revenue for the Confederate South to buy weapons and ammunition.  He truly was one of the world’s smartest men of wealth and power since he knew to support both sides of any war…. He also would take over the East India Marine Society Museum and rename it the Peabody Academy of Science. Now he owned all of the assets that this museum had smuggled through their tunnels for a hundred years. What do you think they acquired after he took it over? Romanov Crown Jewels?

Here are the tunnels under this house.

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