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Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City

Salem Secret Underground_The History of the Tunnels in the City Book Cover

Nonfiction / History

The real life story of how 159 people including senators, a superior court justice, secretaries of state, the countries first millionaires, a secretary of the Navy, directors in our national banks, the first National Guard Unit, and the real life murderer from the game Clue dug three miles of tunnels to defraud Thomas Jefferson's administration by avoiding paying his custom duties.

Filled with pictures of the tunnels and the homes they are connected to. A living book which is updated frequently as new finds come to light. This is the third edition of the hit book that everyone digs! With over 100 extra pages filled with new pictures and tunnel finds you will be amazed about all of the secrets that are under your feet in one of the nation's oldest towns. Get your copy today!

Sub Rosa

Nonfiction / History

Salem Ma was once the second richest port in America. With this wealth came great power. People from Salem have shaped American history; for good and bad. People from Salem have tried to give New England back to the British during the War of 1812, dug 3 miles of tunnels to avoid customs, assassinated a president and got away with it, planned a series of economic collapses every 20 years, and were behind the biggest opium trade in history. Also people from Salem were the first to light their home by electricity, created the phone, electric cars in the 1800's, the #2 pencil, and more.

Be amazed that the Salem, the Witch City, has been shaping your life way beyond 1692! There is so much more to this little city than just witches. The real magic is how they distracted you from the truth of the various ways Salem has shaped the nation for good and bad from 1692 to 2008 and beyond.

Dante's Inferno: The Salem Edition

Fiction/ Classics

When Longfellow was going in between Salem and Boston with James Russell Lowell working on the first English edition of Dante's classic he said," No one would be capable of illustrating this masterpiece." On the other side of the ocean at the same time Gustav Dore was completing his folio Dante's Inferno. Dante's Inferno combines the classic English translation with the famous engravings of Dore's. Also their is a new introduction highlighting the times when the Dante Club were working in Harvard and the birth of the Transcendental Movement in Salem, Concord, and Boston.

Anew classic edition of one of the world's favorites. Buy it today!




Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow


Fiction / Illustrated

Mr. Pelinger's House is a Tardis of sorts. A house filled with wormholes. Pelinger himself is much more deeper in character than his house and he has disappeared for over a hundred years. His house has sat abandoned, until today.

The Foster siblings have played in the garden for years wondering about the house, and then the door sat open calling to them. Once inside they climb through a keyhole to the attic to fall back down into an intergalactic roadshow. A series of rings are presented to them by the ringmasters Old Bet (America's first elephant), Sitting Bull, and General Custer Many surprises are waiting for them in this roadshow and many pitfalls. Will they survive them all? Will Mr. Pelinger help them through this real life game of Chutes and Snakes?

Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow is like mixing Alice in Wonderland, Jumanji, and the Cat and the Hat in the blender. Read this classic today by Norge Forge Press.

Flip and Scan eBooks


A new way of thinking about selling books and product placement. We are taking books out of the bookstore and placing them in every type of shop you can imagine! A world of ebook choices at the checkout line. Whim sales you can feel good about.

All of our Flip and Scan eBook cards are only $5 a piece, how can you go wrong with our great selection of books.

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Critical Infrastructure for Children


Nonfiction / Current Events

How is New England Colleges helping the society and reestablishing the Middle Class. New incentives with community colleges giving credits for vocational classes, green campuses, supporting local farming, getting the disabled back to work, and new economy incentives like time banking. Read to find out how New England is leading the way to a new better community and world. Coming out this summer.

Don't Invade Russia

Fiction/ Alternative History

Stalingrad during WWII is transported in time back to the Victorian era. Jane Wilkes Booth is touring Europe in a dirigible with her family's acting troupe while the continent is caught by the terror of the Steel Empire. On her trip she is approached by men from a different future if she would assassinate the emperor. Will she follow the route of her male counterpart?

This is Cory McNeil's second book and a great romp through time that will keep you laughing and intrigued at the same time!

What Publishing Looks Like in the Future

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