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Salem House Press

Salem House Press Purveyors of fine publishing, optimal marketing, and facilitator to the arts.

Salem House Press is the finest of the new generation of publishers. We are taking publishing into the next generation. Our books are available on the go. We have some of the best Kindle books and ebooks for your Droid or Apple device. Many of our titles are animated Harry Potteresque Books giving you over a minutes animation per page. We publish better world books that bring us into the next generation of online books while still maintaining a love for the printed and bound books we grew up with. Salem House Press is delving into the newest methods of distribution that the times are calling for. Servicing book stores and the online sellers.

When you are looking for the book, browse through our best selling books first! Do not forget about the kids. We know the importance of getting children committed to a life of reading early. That is why we offer the finest in kids books. Our stories for kids brings them into other worlds, way before we sell the movie rights to them. This allows the child to create their own world our characters live in before they are limited by the directors vision. We believe feeding the imagination in a child early will help foster the newest inventions in these children who believe anything is possible.

Also check back often to see what free ebooks we will offer from our catalog and the best of the classics that are in the public domain.



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Will Pirone Poems and Songs book cover

Max Teller's Amazing Adventure

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New Books

A Walk Above Salem Book Cover. Pumpkin hot air balloon flying in front of the Unzipping Tree in the Salem Commons.

A Walk Above Salem

Ideas for America Book Cover. Man pushing door open.

Ideas For America

Will Pirone Poems and Songs Book Cover. Dream Bagger pointing at highway 50 sign in a desert with a F150 pick up truck driving away.

Poems and Songs

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Best Sellers

A Walk Through salem Book Cover. The Unzipping Tree in the Salem Commoons.

A Walk Through Salem

Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City Book Cover. Photo of the train tunnel project in Salem, Ma 1950.

Salem Secret Underground

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Children's Favorites

A Walk Through Salem

The Wizard of Lynn book cover. The observatory on High Rock in Lynn in the forest.

Wizard of Lynn

Max Teller's Amazing Adventure

Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

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The Salem Trilogy


A Walk Through Salem

A Walk Under Salem

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Poems and Songs

Salem Through a Looking Glass Book Cover. A lace table cloth on a table with a camera , a photo, and a magnifing glass.

Salem Through a Looking Glass


Anatomy of a Love Affair Book Cover.


Anatomy of a Love Affair



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Salem Secret Underground

Old Naumkeag Book Cover. Photo of market place and  Old Town Hall on Derby Square in Salem, Ma.

Old Naumkeag

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Social Studies

Ugly European Book Cover.

The Ugly European

Ideas For America



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Cemetery Doll Pin-Up Calendar. 1950's pin up girl saluting you while laying on a beach with her neck ripped out.

Cemetery Dolls Pin-Up Calendar

Gentlemen Bats Calendar. Bat dressed in a Victorian gentlemens coat and lace.

Gentlemen Bats Calendar



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